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Multilanguage, Multicurrency


5 available languages

Sell beyond the boundaries of your country and language: with Summer Cart you receive an online shop with 5! available languages. Of course, you can turn off some of the languages as you wish, and you can also add a new language for your target market.

  • Bulgarian
  • English
  • Turkish
  • Romanian
  • Spanish
Summer Cart
Summer Cart

39 currencies with automatic update

Summer Cart is suitable for servicing clients from around the world, in any language, using any currency.

  • You have a choice of 39 currencies with automatically updated exchange rates.
  • The exchange rates are imported automatically from European Central Bank, Bank of Canada, Reserve Bank of Australia, Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey.
  • You can define your fixed exchange rate.
  • You can also add additional currencies.

Language packs import and export

We took care to make the translation of the online shop to extremely easy.

You can translate, and update any translation, directly from the online shop administrative area.

Summer Cart supports export and import of language packs in XLIFF format, which is the most widespread format internationally for multilingual systems (e.g. popular applications such as Firefox and OpenOffice are translated using XLIFF)

  • You see clearly if the the website is 100% translated, and if not – you see directly which texts remain untranslated;
  • The language packs include the texts of the system itself, while the products and the company information are translated in a convenient way through the admin panel.
Summer Cart
Summer Cart

Full localization

Few online shop platforms in the world are as flexible as Summer Cart and support full localization:

  • Summer Cart works with an unlimited number of languages and currencies
  • It supports languages written right-to-left
  • There is a choice between metric and imperial unit for weight, i.e. kg or lbs for better adaptation of the e-shop for clients from USA and UK.

Easy entry of multilingual information

Because we believe that it should be easy to sell in multiple languages, you will be able describe your products and enter your company information in many languages amazingly easy, because regardless if you enter content in one or three languages, it is all managed from one and the same place.

Summer Cart