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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to Mirchev Ideas, the owner company of Summer Cart.

Personal Information

In general you don't need to give any personal information as long as you are browsing the official website. However there are times when we may need additional info about you or your organisation.

There are certain situations in which we require personal information. For example, you have to tell us your name and email address, in order to be contacted by our representatives. This may happen when you request a quote or when we have to process for you an order.

However, we strongly emphasize that Mirchev Ideas does not share any personal information with third parties.

Log files & statistics

Mirchev Ideas site collects log files & statistics for the sole purpose of administration.


Mirchev Ideas uses a dedicated email center for communication with potential clients, but only if they have already established contact with our representatives.

Mirchev Ideas does not distribute or retransmit any correspondence, nor does it give away any email addresses to third parties.