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Summer Cart Enterprise


Customer attributes management


targeting email campaigns based on the attributes

Define your own custom fields in addition to the standard fields and collect additional information for each customer. You may choose between free text fields, drop-down selects, check boxes and date field.

The collected information can be used for targeting email campaigns, where you can send newsletters to only specific customers, and for any other marketing purpose.


Sales report segmented by customer attributes

Find out how many sales, and sales amount for groups of customers with a specific set of attributes. This Business Intelligence tool is simple to use, yet provides deep insights about your customer base.


Page caching for home, product, category and rich text pages

Summer Cart is already fast. But faster is always better.

Caching the main pages that your visitors will see not only results in faster experience, more satisfaction, but also in higher conversion (sales).

Google is known to incorporate the speed that the site loads in its ranking algorithm – faster site means higher position in Google.

Furthermore caching decreases load on the hosting server allowing more customers to be served from a single server, and lowers hosting costs.


Gift Certificates

Gift certificates can be bought by customers, or given away for free as promotion.

The gift certificate is redeemed against purchases in the online store.


Automated Email Marketing Reminders

Allows setup of email marketing rules. Each rule describes a situation when a customer will receive an email. As a very simple example clients can receive an email one month after buying product X to be offered a compatible product – e.g. if you sell printers you can offer ink.

Also the customer can be asked for testimonials, or to inquire if they are happy with their purchase, or other kinds of online questionnaires.

Once the rules are set all emails are automatic, and you can have unlimited number of rules.
Can be used as reminder, promotion, up sell or cross sell.


Logging of Administrator Actions

To the already included in Summer Cart access controls, add full audit log of all administrators actions. Just the fact that all actions are logged will deter most malicious actions, but if you have a disgruntled employee that attempts to sabotage you, you will know exactly who, when and what.

US law enforcement estimates that more than 60% of computer break-ins and sabotage are done by disgruntled employees.


Google Product Search feed + setup

Google product search, also known as Froogle or Google Base, is a free service of Google that puts your products in the front of millions interested buyers. We include the needed product feed and perform the setup of the feed for you.


Unlimited high priority support

All customers using Summer Cart Enterprise are entitled to the highest priority support – all tickets are resolved as soon as possible, usually within 1 hour. Tickets that require developers to fix bugs take longer, but are still resolved as soon as possible.

We provide support during weekdays (9 am to 9 pm EET)
and Saturday (10 am to 3 pm EET), except for legal holidays.


Products added to cart

Products removed from cart report

Cart abandonment rate

Adding a product to the cart is the first half of the buying process, while the checkout is the second. Use these reports to find out which products your customers are interested in, and how the customers change their mind.

The cart abandonment rate is the rate of the number of people that leave their carts without buying to the number of people that do buy. This very important statistics provides insight into shoppers behavior and is the basis of checkout optimization process.

Often cited industry averages show cart abandonment rates of about 60% and more. If this rate is lowered by 10% this means 10% more sales for the same number of visitors.


Marketing tracking reports – track ad campaign, seo keywords to actual sales

Spending money on advertising does not need to be black magic – now you can track every cent that you spend. Each sale is associated with targeting information and a report is available to view sales against the targeting information.

The reports also show tracking of seo keywords, allowing direct connection between keyword and sale.



Summer Cart is easy to use but getting up to speed fast takes some learning. One day training course is included in Summer Cart Enterprise. Travel costs and accommodation (if necessary) must be paid by client.


Various optimizations and improvements

Small optimizations and improvements in multiple places to improve stability, and support the additional functionality.


Javascript Cart

Shopping cart that is always on top, products are added with visual effect.

Effective for sites whose design makes the normal shopping cart hard to spot, or in cases when adding to cart does not redirect to the view cart page.


One page checkout

There are two main benefits to squeezing the checkout into just one page:

1. Once a client decides to buy they want to do it as quickly and as painlessly as possible. One page check out is the quickest way to do it. This helps with cart abandonment rate.

2. Since there is only one page the client can see every thing that is needed immediately, and this takes care of the fear that the client will see something later in the checkout process that they might not like.


Shipping Estimator

Shipping cost and delivery time if always a problem when shopping online. This shipping estimator allows customers to receive accurate shipping information before going through the checkout process. The shipping estimation is performed at the view cart page. This tool increases customer confidence and brings in more sales.


Advanced Banner Management

Adds support for image and flash banners, banners management and banner statistics (impressions and click-throughs). Easily setup and measure the effectiveness of the banners displayed throughout your online store.

A provided flash banner has configurable settings that can be changed through the admin panel – in practice works as a banner builder.


Setup and optimization of Summer Cart Enterprise on a VPS or dedicated server

Installation and setup of Summer Cart on a separate server is included.

If we have the necessary access we also perform optimization by installing opcode caches and tweaking the server setup if necessary.