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Date: 23 Aug 2014

The online store of the popular Bulgarian retail chain Viva Accessories is a long time now beyond the borders of our country. is unquestionably one of our favourite projects. Why? Simply because it has evolved and keeps evolving! Constantly and without compromise!


Viva Accessories has been launched as a brand in 2000. 10 years and several physical stores later they decided it was time to expand their business with an online shop. Of course, they chose the best platform - Summer Cart.


The project started in 2010 with the creation and integration of the design concept and some minor modifications to the earlier version of Summer Cart 3.0. The owners of Viva Accessories had virtually no experience in managing e-shop, but they also had a great desire to succeed and trust in our experts.

Together we went through the whole process of evolutionary development of an e-shop – from third party business channel through a serious online business on the local Bulgarian market to expansion on the European and world markets.

As you can see is a big and serious project and purely technically, it has changed and continues to change according to the market requirements and demand. Here are just some of the key moments that we have implemented - integration with different payment modules for specific markets, development and integration of the design concepts, running-out-of-stock warnings for the admin, additional modifications to the product page and so on, and so on...


Four years and several versions later both we and our custmer can proudly say, that we have managed to do from an online store that customers like and which has e outgrown the Bulgarian market a long time now. It is successfully selling across Europe and has particularly strong positions on the quite demanding markets in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.

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