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Date: 23 Aug 2014

The biggest online store in Azerbaijan is now using Summer Cart.


One of the best examples for an online store that sells all over the world using English, Russian and Azerbaijani language.

The online store features a unique design with plenty of effects and integration with all 3 online payment systems in Azerbaijan - MilliKart, GoldenPay и Bank of Baku It is also offering a dynamic responsive design for mobile devices. The team of Summer Cart have transferred thousands of products and photos through migration from the client`s previous, outdated system – PrestaShop.

We are proud to say that we have completed and delivered the project in a very short time, less than 2 months.

Founded in 2010 is the first online store in Azerbaijan. The ambitious project is an idea of the company Digitera, representatives of which we had the honor to meet in Summer Cart`s office located in Istanbul, Turkey.

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