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Date: 28 Aug 2014

Mtel chose to build their online store on the Summer Cart platform.

Mtel`s online store has the capacity to perform all operations which are carried out in a physical retail shop.


The Bulgarian telecom operator Mtel have chose to create their online store on/under Summer Cart platform. The shop was launched few days ago at It is offering all the products and services portfolio of the national operator and according to the company expectations, within one year from now they will be servicing an average of 500 orders/purchases per day.

The project is integrated with SAP and other internal management systems of the mobile operator, which allows the end customer to use a single profile for M-Tel`s website and online store, to receive sms notifications for orders, to benefit from loyalty points and etc. The security of your personal information is guaranteed by AES 256-bit encryption, and the site also has passed special security tests performed by external audit firm.

The clients don`t have to spent time visiting the phisycal shop and waiting on queue anymore. The product and/or contract will be delivered directly to their door free of charge. Customers can use two payment methods - or money transfer with EasyPay. store will offer a number of benefits for both private and corporate clients, as for the last will be available special corporate pricing. The customers will be able to take advantage of the current offers for phones, smartphones, laptops, tablets and accessories; to get informed and buy new offers and subscription plans, even renew their existing contract without having to visit a physical office of the company. The online store also provides services for home users as digital TV and Internet. Members of M-Tel Club will be able to use their loyalty points for discounts. Products, services and combinations thereof can be filtered easily and intuitively, so that every customer can quickly find what best suits his/her needs.

"For us as a company with a huge product portfolio and millions of subscribers is a priority to provide maximum comfort to our clients and to justify their confidence, by meeting their requirements for easy access to our services. This was a determining factor in the choice of platform for online sales. We have chose Summer Cart because of its flexibility, reliability and the company's experience in similar large-scale projects for e-commerce. Another determining factor was the need for integration of the store with our other systems, where we can say that the platform fully met our expectations "- said Dimitar Dimitrov, manager online channels in M-Tel.

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