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10 Aug 2015

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Date: 27 Aug 2014

The famous online shop for baby strollers and clothes switched to Summer Cart platform. is one of the first online stores in Bulgaria and now they have outgrew their old platform and switched to Summer Cart, so it can open new horizons for development.


Is it easy to manage over 16 000 items for online sale for over a decade? Nowadays, yes! How? The answer is called Summer Cart! is an online store with 14 years of market presence, who decided to build their future in cooperation with Summer Cart software and the competent assistance of our team. Our designers have transferred the existing unique design from the old Kasida`s website onto Summer Cart platform and they have also developed a modern, responsive design for mobile devices. Programmers, in turn, transferred and merged data for over 16 000 products from two old websites as they kept  the original URL`s of all products to maintain Kasida`s top positions in Google. The visitors of the online store will be able to view some of the products in 360 degrees mode. The company is now offering to purchase baby strollers on an installment plan/scheme from Uni Credit Bulbank.

We are very proud of the fact that we have earned the trust of such an experienced retailer and demanding partner, a veteran on the field of e-commerce in Bulgaria.

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