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Date: 27 Aug 2014

Sofia's famous retail store chain for consumer electronics & domestic appliances Techno Mix have chose Summer Cart platform for their online store.


Techno Mix is among the biggest retail store chains for consumer electronics & domestic appliances on the Bulgarian market. You can find their online shop at , where it stands out with an excellent marketing ideas.


Managing an online store for consumer electronics is always a little more complicated, because the products themselves have their own specifics and to have a successful business in this area a stable platform is a must. You can realize that once you try to systematize and explain specific features of each product. Of course, Summer Cart is capable to flawlessly perform all these tasks.


Techno Mix were using a different platform with a very limited features that was pulling back their rapidly growing business and it was not covering the market requirements. This was the reason for them to decide and chose a new, reliable platform. And the name of it is....Summer Cart!


Our programmers have transferred all products, customers and order history from the old platform to the Summer Cart. Additionally they integrated modules for installment plans with Jet Credit and TBI Credit, because these options are an integral part of this business.


We have built and integrated a new modern, responsive design concept, as well as many purely marketing functions.


Most recently, the whole project moved to version 6.0 of the Summer Cart platform, thereby adding many new features and options to ensure successful business development.


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